Joint Programming Initiative Agriculture, Food Security, and Climate Change

FACCE-JPI aims to address the challenge of providing sufficient high quality food through sustainable agriculture in the context of climate change and involves twenty one European countries overall.

This initiative was established to enhance European research capacity in the light of the projected increase of world population to about 9 billion people by the mid-century along with an increasing demand for food, feed, fibre and bio-fuels, all in a context a changing climate and under a more stringent environmental regulation.

The FACCE-JPI Scientific Research Agenda defines 5 core research themes to address these challenges:

  1. Sustainable food security under climate change, based on an integrated food systems perspective: modeling, benchmarking and policy research perspective.
  2. Environmentally sustainable growth and intensification of agricultural systems under current and future climate and resource availability.
  3. Assessing and reducing trade-offs between food production, biodiversity and ecosystem services.
  4. Adaptation to climate change throughout the whole food chain, including market repercussions.
  5. Greenhouse gas mitigation: N2O and CH4 mitigation in the agriculture and forestry sector, carbon sequestration, fossil fuel substitution and mitigating GHG emissions induced by indirect land use change.

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